Monday, August 20, 2012

Im still here!

Yes I am still alive! We have had quite the crazy last two weeks. Brian is on a late shift at his job so our family time has been drastically cut into almost nothing. Baby girl has been sick for over a week. We went to the doctor last week and they said it was a sinus infection given to her by me (sorry princess!). She has not been sleeping whatsoever. Like nothing. Every hour waking up. It has been a very long week and half for this mama. If lack of sleep wasnt bad enough, they put her on augmenten which has literally been wreaking havoc on the poor little thing. She has been spitting up very frequently (which she never does) and has had the worst diaper rash. Poor thing cries when she gets her diaper changed :( just absolutely breaks my heart!

However, low and behold she slept a full, continuous 8 HOURS last night! And the diaper rash looks much better today! Thank goodness!! I seriously hope this means she is starting to feel better because this mama starts school on Wednesday. Wish me luck!! Im going to need it... 

Yesterday was the big half birthday for my little angel. I cannot believe it has already been 6 months since she was brought into my life. Words cannot even express how much love I have for that little girl. She is the best part of every day. Sick or not. 

We went to the fair last weekend. Im so behind on my posts but here are some pictures from that little adventure!

Our little family

Mommy & Baby

Daddy & Baby

We had to get out her winter clothes. It was a very chilly day!

The best part of any fair: CORN DOGS!! 

Cant forget about frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick. Yeah I cheated alot last weekend.

On Sunday Brians parents came over and I made lasagna and then we all headed down the street to watch the fair parade. I honestly felt like I was in some country song. Totally different life here in these small towns. Not to mention they have a queen of everything. Horses, dairy, tomatoes, pork. You name it. I feel like a true Ohioan now. Juries still out if thats good or bad.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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