Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Little This A Little That

Since Lindsey has been born there has not been one stage I have been anxious to get through. I didnt mind being up every three hours nursing, I didnt mind her having days and nights confused and I loved her starting to talk. I never pushed her to crawl, walk, roll, sleep through the night, etc. However, I am SO OVER this teething nonsense. AH! It hits like a tidal wave and suddenly shes up all night and doesnt want to eat.

I posted all about how I survive teething here but I have to say, I have stopped using the Hylands teething tablets after seeing them being recalled for causing seizures. Scary! We have been up all night for the past 4 nights, and lets just say this momma is tired! I am soo thankful for my family. My mom has been really great and getting up with her in the wee hours so I can get in a quick 2 hours and my grandma has been watching her in the afternoon so I can take a cat nap. I dont know what I would do without them especially since I am in summer school.

She is super precious though and I wouldnt trade her for anything. Even a full 6 hours of sleep.

In other news: our family bought a new Toyota Rav 4!! Yay us!! We traded in my moms truck for this baby. Itll be so great when we get to NC and have to drive in snow.

I have been wanting a quick an delicious lunch and egg salad has been first on my mind. This version has no mayonnaise and I skipped the bread and used pretzel chips instead. Delish and healthy and completely Dukan!

Healthy Egg Salad
Serves 4
- 8 hardboiled eggs 
- 3 TBSP plain non fat greek yogurt
- 1 TBSP spicy brown mustard
- Salt and pepper
- dash of paprika

I throw the eggs in a pot and cover with water. I then add a dash of salt, this will tell me if there are any bad eggs because they will float to the top. Then I stick them on the stove and crank the heat to high. I set the timer for 20 minutes and leave them alone. Once they are done, I run them under cold water and stick them in the fridge to cool. Once cooled, I peel them all, slice them in half and place them in a large bowl. I add the yogurt, mustard and spices and adjust accordingly. Remember, you can always add more but cannot take out! Then I dig in with a handful of pretzel chips! Yuuummm :)

I leave you with this thought: You will never know what God can do in your life unless you give him the chance to lead it.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" Matthew 5:3

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  1. Ah, teething. That's one stage of having a kid that I'd like to skip. That aside, your family has an awesome taste in cars! The Rav4 is definitely great on the road and I'm sure you love how much space it has to lug all of Lindsey's stuff. -Prince @ Lexus of Ann Arbor