Saturday, December 14, 2013

5 Months Later

Has it seriously been 5 months since I sat down and did a post? I cannot believe that. I am so lame. But to my excuse I have been insanely busy. Between moving across the country, attending school on campus at a University, and planning a wedding, time has just flown by! But we are loving North Carolina. The people are so nice and the weather is amazing. It is not as cold as Ohio but much cooler than Tucson. Im loving it. My mom's wedding on Thanksgiving was absolutely beautiful. I will have a whole other post on that. For now I think ill update the goings on of my little toddler.

Oh this child keeps me insanely busy. From crawling on chairs, to falling out of her crib (we have made the switch to toddler bed). There is never a dull moment with her.

Here are some things she has been doing in the past 6 months:
- she is now 30 lbs and 3 ft tall
- repeats practically everything that is said to her
- loves to "play" at the nursery at church, asks to go repeatedly
- sings along to the chica show and her sunday school songs in the car
- calls a car her "bye-bye"
- can say uncle, mommy, pappy, jai (grandma), and ammy (grammy)
- says ulck for milk and anything that is in her sippy
- willingly eats green beans but no other veggies yet
- fell out of her crib and is now in a toddler bed
- loves the lide (slide) and wing (swing) at the ack (park)
- sits at the dinner table sans high chair
- says checka for ketchup
- can say the sound of almost all the animals in her little people zoo
- will dip anything in ketchup, even her apples
- is obsessed with books, she always has to have one with her
- always has to do what I am doing, if I have lip gloss she wants some too.
- loves being outside.

My sweet baby is now becoming a little girl. She surprises me everyday with what a smarty pants she is. I just have to work on those non existent listening skills of hers. She is a strong willed little thing and Im very happy for that. She will make a wonderful leader one day. 

I cannot express how much I love you Lindsey Loo Who. You are my world and my heart. I pray The Lord keeps you close to him and gives me the wisdom to raise you up in Him. I thanks Him everyday for sending you to me. You will never know how much I love you sweet girl. 

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