Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making Teething Tolerable

If you have a little one, you are fully aware of the ins and outs of teething. If you are one of those lucky mom's who's babies popped out teeth without so much as wincing, I envy you. Lindsey has had every effect from teething I could imagine. She's had terrible diaper rash, lack of appetite, poor sleeping, fever, constipation, diarrhea, ear infections. You name it, she had it. Her teething began at about 5 or 6 months and wont end until all those teeth have popped through. She got her first 2 bottom teeth at around 7 months and has been popping them in 2 at a time ever since. We are now working on getting numbers 11 & 12 to break through. It has been a lot of sleeplessness and cranky baby but I have compiled a list of items that has helped make the process at least tolerable. I hope it helps!

These things are so amazing I do not know how I lived without them. They instantly dissolve under the baby's tongue and provide immediate relief. The part I absolutely love is that they are homeopathic! There are no funky ingredients that could potentially harm the baby. 

I am so glad another mommy introduced me to these little babies. They are perfect for teething! If your little one has not been introduced to solids yet, sticking an ice cube in there and letting the baby gnaw on it feels so good on their soon to be teeth. If you have introduced solids, feel free to freeze any fruit and put it in there. Lindsey loves frozen peaches and bananas the best. The mesh part is the feature I really love. I gave Lindsey these before she could have finger foods and the mesh prevents any seeds or chunks from getting through. 

I use tylenol very sparingly. If Lindsey has a fever I will give her a small dose and it generally goes away in an hour. Also, for the nights she is just so unbelievably miserable I will give her a bit to ease her discomfort and pain. The teething tablets are great, but using the tylenol with them make for a comfortable baby that will actually sleep. And who doesnt want that?

Frozen Washcloths

Wet a soft washcloth and put it either in the fridge or freezer for a while to get nice and cold. The baby can hold it and just go to town. The cool cloth can really help their inflamed gums.

Cold Spoon

I used to sit Lindsey on my lap with 2 baby spoons and a glass of ice water. I would let the spoons soak and she would bite on them until they were not cold any more. Make sure to use soft tipped baby spoons, not metal grown up spoons. 

I was so skeptical when I got this as a baby shower gift. I actually forgot I had it until I was cleaning the baby room and opened it right away. This little baby has two sides ideal for teething. One is a cool gel and the other is a harder surface that vibrates. Lindsey absolutely loves this. She will sit for minutes and just attack it. The vibration and cool surface help relieve swelling and discomfort. The size is also perfect for little baby hands. 

Teething Toys

Having a plethora of toys Lindsey ccan chew on is a definite must! During teething, she is constantly sticking everything she can in her mouth so its necessary to have baby friendly toys around. I strongly suggest against putting any of them in the freezer. They could pop as your baby goes to chew on them and all that gel would go everywhere, like in the babies mouth. The fridge gets them nice and cold and is very safe. I would recommend washing them every week or so depending on how much they are used. From being on the floor to the baby's mouth, its always nice to have them sanitized. 

I use this as a diaper rash ointment religiously. It leaves no yucky residue and soothes the baby's bottom  immediately. It also heals the rash overnight in some cases. I really cannot say enough good things about this ointment. I have tried desitin, buttpaste and countless others but continuously return to this. Try it and you will know why.

Pinot Grigio

This is for the mommas. After a rough day of teething, pour yourself a glass of wine, say a prayer and get to bed! That little one will be up in an hour is they are anything like mine.

Well I hope this has helped all you mommas out there! Just know it will pass and you will get through it! Also I STRONGLY advise against using numbing gel. I have heard so many horror stories of the gel numbing the throat and the gag refluxes causing the baby to choke and not be able to swallow. I have never used it and will never use it because that scares me to death! Be watchful of them pulling at their hair or ears. It may mean an ear infection if a fever accompanies. Lindsey was pulling incessantly at her hair so I took her her in to get it checked. It was nothing so I did some research and the nerves of the jaw and gums are connected to the ear. That will cause discomfort and they will pull. Good luck :)

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