Monday, March 4, 2013

One Year Birthday

My little angel is one year old! We had a week long celebration in her honor. It was filled with food, shopping and fun. All leading up to her birthday party where friends and family got to join in this celebration! We celebrated in Arizona and I am so thankful my friends and family were able to be a part of this moment. 

On her actual birthday, the family got together and went out to dinner at one of our favorite local places.

Her smile? I die, sooo cute!

Her first cake didnt turn out so hot but I was in a rush... The cupcakes for her actual party were much better!

 Her first birthday present from her Auntie Cayla! A super fun horse that talks and sings. Lindsey lovees it.

Funfetti cupcakes with a homemade buttercream. The birthday girl got an extra large cupcake :)

We had a veggie tray, a fruit tray with lemon yogurt, pesto pasta salad, and turkey hummus wraps. As well as chips and dip. The food turned out so well and I dont know how I would I have done any of it without my mom :)

Birthday girl ready to party!

What a goofball :)

"Mom stop Im trying to open my presents"

My child is such a princess. She really hates touching her own food. She doesnt want to make a mess on her party clothes I guess ;)

When all else fails, pick it up and let her at it!

Lindseys first birthday was a memory I will have forever. I cannot believe my princess is growing up so fast. I wish I could slow time down. I always remember my mom saying "Once that moment is gone, it is nothing but a memory." Those words could not be more true. I try and enjoy every minute I have with my little girl. 

Mommy loves you so much Lindsey Elizabeth. You will never find another soul on earth that loves you more than I. Happy birthday sweet girl <3

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