Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Can we just take a minute and chat?

Is it really already the middle of February? Is my baby girl really going to be two next week?? 2014 please slow down just for a second. This mama needs a chance to catch her breath.

Some big things going on in my life recently! I was offered admission into the Honors College at UNCG! This is huge. I got an email saying they were taking applications but I just brushed it off. I figured there was no way I would ever get accepted so why bother trying. Then a day later in the mail I received this letter:

I did not even apply they just offered me admission. Holy amazing. Thank you sweet Jesus for always keeping me motivated and giving me strength. It’s only through you I have achieved all that I have.

Another big thing in my life: I am giving up my diet coke addiction COLD TURKEY. I have been getting constant headaches for the longest time. I thought it was just part of having a toddler. However, recently I have been really paying attention to the additives and GMO’s I’ve been consuming and it seems aspartame is the culprit of my headaches. I narrowed it down to that after I cut out diet coke and then had a crystal light packet in my water. Instant headache. I googled the ingredients in Crystal light and wouldn’t ya know aspartame is on there. No more diet anything for this girl. I’ve been replacing it with this amazing green and white mint tea from Trader Joes. I drink copious amount of water through the day and like to have something else with my meals. Breakfast I have coffee and lunch and dinner I would have a diet coke. Not anymore and I feel a lot better.

Can we talk about how much my girl loves The Wizard of Oz? She has become literally obsessed. She asks for “witch” constantly. Hopefully she doesn’t do it outside the house because sometimes witch sounds like, well that other word that rhymes.

Girlfriend has some awesome headphones

 But anyway, she will sit so insanely still the whole time. She has even started singing along which just makes my heart of stone melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. She has so much personality wrapped up in such a little girl. I love it! She also only has 2 teeth left to break through! The top molars are giving her real issues though. Terrible sleeping patterns, hit or miss with eating, and only sleeps well when snuggled up next to mommy.
She is also quite the bed hog :)
 I don’t mind the snuggles. I know one day they wont be here. I just wish she wasn’t in pain. I can tell when they are really bothering her because she just is so out of whack. She went like two straight weeks without a nap. I thought we both were going to jump out the windows with frustration. She’s back to napping thank goodness!

My church has started a 40 Day Devotion called “God’s Story, My Story.” 

Its great so far. I love growing closer to God especially as a congregation. The church actually wrote the devotion. It focuses on how God uses our story for His glory. Regardless of your past, God can use everything to his glory. The stories in her are of amazing transformation and God working in people's lives.  Once a week we meet with our small groups for deeper devotion. Going with that I have decided to cut out pretty much all processed foods. I want to focus more on my relationship with Christ and getting on a deeper level with Him. I have been reading Made to Crave by Lysa Turkurst and it is really changing the way I am relating food to my relationship with Christ. I plan on doing a full review once I’m done. The main point is that yes God made us to crave so that we would always want more of Him. However, the devil uses the craving to push us further from him and towards unhealthy food, sexual immorality, gambling, drugs etc. Its really opened my eyes to how much the devil really prowls waiting to jump on God’s children. Lots of prayer. Lots of prayer. Lots of prayer!!!

Well with all the snow coming our way it is time to bunker down for the snowpocalypse. 

Stay warm my friends

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