Thursday, September 20, 2012


This month:

This past month you:
- swam in a baby pool for the first time! You loved it until you decided to try and eat your feet. That scared you a bit.
- have began eating gerber baby puffs! You finally got the hang of putting the little things in your mouth. You forgot to chew once or twice but thankfully they dissolve and you havent done it since!
- rolled off the couch :( I felt like the worst mama in all the world. I saw the whole thing happen and could not get to you in time. Luckily you weren't hurt, just a little (a lot) scared. We both had a good cry.
- Went to your first wedding! yeah you are show stealer :)
- got your two bottom teeth!! it was a rough week for mama and baby. you would only sleep with me and would hardly eat your baby food. They look so cute though. Maybe one day you will let me get a picture!
- put your hands in mamas mouth anytime she talks to you or sings to you. its odd but hey you like it.
- Love going grocery shopping! you yell and talk the whole time. its pretty darn cute.
- are almost crawling! you can move backwards but havent discovered forwards yet. 
- give mama the biggest smile whenever she comes in the room or gets you from your nap. This just melts my heart every time.

My sweet angel you are growing so fast! I cannot believe it has already been 7 months since the Lord brought you to me. You fill a part of my heart I never knew was empty. I just love you so much words cannot even describe.

*I know I just posted Lindseys 6 months. The pictures were on time but the post was a tad late...

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