Monday, October 29, 2012

We're back & 8 Months

Me and the little one have been visiting my family in Arizona for the past couple weeks! We had such a wonderful time and it was so hard to say goodbye. Cant wait until they come out in February! The countdown has begun!

They got engaged the last day of my trip!! Such a wonderful way to end the two weeks.

My precious angel is now 8 months old. Granted this post is over a week late :/

In the past month you:
-CRAWLED! you are moving so so fast mommy can barely keep up
- tried many different finger foods and we are hoping to be done with a bottle soon
- make the cutest scrunch face as a smile now! Makes me melt!
- before we went to arizona you were up many times through the night. In AZ you slept amazingly, I hope that continues...
- are now in 12-18 months, big baby :)
- flew on a plane again! You are such a great traveler
- got your first cold :( 
- started to say uh-oh and repeating many sounds. you are a vocal little thing

I love you so much precious girl. 

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